Susan David (Mylene Dizon) and Mara Del Valle (Kathryn Bernardo) are in the hands of Gary David (Jhong Hilario). Alvira Del Valle (Dimples Romana) called Mara's phone and Gary is the one answering it. Alvira is surprised that Gary is the one answering Mara's phone and so she asked Gary why he is having Mara's phone. Gary then tells Alvira that he has Mara and Susan with him and he wants to trade Mara for Clara David (Julia Montes). Amante Del Valle (Bobby Andrews) tried talking to Gary and have told him to surrender and let go of Mara and Susan. Gary then tells Amante that he only wants Clara but then they all get on Gary's way where Clara did not go with him living a new life together. Gary blames the Del Valle family because Clara choose them instead of him and Gary is so pissed with it. Gary is challenging both Alvira and Amante to come and see them so that they can have a grand reunion. Clara then tells Alvira and Amante that she is ready to be the exchange of Mara for her to pay back what she had done wrong in the past. Amante is not going to let Clara be the exchange for Mara and wants to have another plan for them to rescue both Mara and Susan. Lupe David (Gina Pareno) is asking Amante to let her go with them because she knew that she can convince her son - Gary to surrender. Going back with Mara and Susan who is with Gary, Susan tells Gary that he is the father of the baby she is carrying right now. Gary did not believe Susan because he knew since then that he is not the father of that baby who is carried by Susan. Susan and Mara then tells Gary that they were just lying to him in the past because he is a very bad person and that they don't want the child to know him. Mara insulted Gary telling him that after his cruel doings, Mara is sure that Gary is going to hell soon. With this opinion, Gary grabbed Mara and put her in a water tank and suddenly released the water to it. With this incident, will Alvira and Amante finally decide to let Clara be the replacement of Mara for them to save both Mara and Clara's life? With Mara who is stuck in a water tank with a flowing water already, how can she find a way escaping? Will Gary's cruelness end in a good way or will he suffer and finally his life will be ended? How will this show end?
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