Clara David (Julia Montes) is finally put in jail for having a big contribution to her father - Gary David's (Jhong Hilario) wrong doings. An Attorney came to see Clara in prison and told her that her mother - Susan David (Mylene Dizon) is not ready to face her yet. Clara then thought that maybe her mother - Susan is still mad at her for helping her father - Gary. As for Alvira Del Valle (Dimples Romana), she asked her husband - Amante Del Valle (Bobby Andrews) if he can have some time visiting their adopted daughter - Clara in prison but Amante disagreed. Amante can not forget what Mara did to their family and that he does not want to forgive what Mara did to them. Alvira then thought that Amante is a stone hearted person where he can not forgive the one that has a big contribution in making his family fall apart. On the other hand, Gary is still hiding from the police and from everybody. Gary went everywhere and have picked some dirty foods in the trash can just to have something to eat. The police officers are doing their best just to know where Gary is hiding but they failed because Gary is moving from one place to another. When the police officers told Amante about them who is still looking for Amante, Amante tells them to do much better in looking. Amante is not satisfied with the police's work and thought that he is not going to stop until he can see that Gary is in the hands of the police officers. The police officers also thought that maybe Gary is already dead that is why they have not seen him anymore. Amante is not convinced that Gary is already dead until he can see Gary's dead body. As for Mara Del Valle (Kathryn Bernardo), she went to visit Clara and Clara is not happy seeing her. Clara then insulted Mara for being there where she is not happy seeing her. With this, how will Mara talk to Clara who is not happy seeing her around? Will there still be a chance that both Mara and Clara will be okay with each other? And with Gary who is still outside hiding from everybody, will the police officers finally have a chance seeing him and finally capture him?
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