Mara Del Valle (Kathryn Bernardo) is now with her mother - Alvira Del Valle (Dimples Romana) in the hands of Gary David (Jhon Hilario). Mara and Alvira failed to contact Amante Del Valle (Bobby Andrews) telling him to where they are right now. Gary put Mara to a cabinet so that she can not do some stupid things in contacting someone for them to escape from him. Alvira did not want seeing her daughter - Mara suffer and so she asked Gary to let Mara go and she is going to do whatever Gary wants her to do. Gary then freed Mara from the cabinet where Alvira tells Mara to hold on a bit and never surrender. Alvira also tells Mara that if ever she can get a chance in escaping, she must directly go and find for help but Mara disagreed. If Mara gets her chance escaping, she is going to make sure hermother - Alvira is going with her. On the other hand, Clara David (Julia Montes) tells her father - Gary that everybody is speculating on her already. Many police officers are in their house looking for her and Amante is also there. Gary then tells Clara not to worry too much because he is not going to let anyone harm her. Clara then went back to the house where they hide both Mara and Alvira to see her father - Gary. When Clara arrived to that house, her phonerang and it is Amante who called. Amante got so mad knowing that Clara is helping her father out in hiding both Mara and Alvira. Susan David (Mylene Dizon) can not believe that hr daughter - Clara is with Gary and asked Amante not to harm Clara. Going back with Gary who is not going to stop till he gets what he want, he is asking for Alvira to marry him. Alvira disagreed and Gary forced Alvira to marry him letting her wear the wedding dress first. Mara got on Gary's way and Gary then hurriedly hand cuffed Mara in the comfort room. Can Mara still stop Gary?
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